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 Plumber near castelnaudary


Revel, 20 km, emergency, Rdv



Leak search.
Repair on all types of piping.
Replacement of toilet mechanism.
Hot water tank thermostat, resistance ...


Installation :

shower door
glass shower
Hot water tank.
Gas boiler.
Oil boiler.
Air conditioner.
Thermodynamic balloon.
Air / air or air / water heat pump.


plumbing works, renovation, heating installation, heating sanitary, installation repair, emergency repair, sanitary plumbing, heating sanitary

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Have you been owner for a long time, or new house ?.

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Thierry kassi craftsman plumber revel performs maintenance, repair of plumbing, heating, air conditioning


Listening, I study with you your project, desires, budget in order to achieve a personalized and detailed estimate, most often live (on site).



Experienced plumber, qualified and certified in my various fields.

I created  AKWABAS  my company in 2012, I have civil / ten-year liability insurance, RGE qualifications  heaters, heat pumps.

From plumbing, heating to air conditioning, everything requires technical knowledge, whether it is a simple installation or a repair, these works can take time during  weekends. or evenings.



Do not hesitate to entrust your work to a trusted craftsman to be relieved and take full advantage of a quality installation.


my knowledge, acquired through years of experience, training, continuously updated is a plus, to always bring the best guaranteed quality



I intervene for installation, replacement,repair, plumbing networks, valves, boiler, tank, cumulus ...



For these works, your plumber tradesman usually works with brands known and materi for quality, reliability of their equipment.



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all components you must know in our residence

general water meter = placed outside home, purpose of this is to measure the consumption, when it is installed, it is always supplied with a shut-off valve.

Security group = always present in any heating system, cumulus, tanks, boiler.

cumulus or hot water tank = closed  volume of water that you want heated

Thermostat or regulation thermostat = mechanical or electronic device that controls temperature of a closed circuit, of a room, or of a volume, present on cumulus, tank, boiler

Safety thermostat = safety, present on all systems

Single-service boiler = heating production only

Double service boiler = hot water and heating production


How do you look a leak?

My simplest observations are most important are easily located leaks, however in many cases these do not seem to be found.
first thing to do is to check that you have no suspicious noise on your plumbing, heating, or drainage system, if there is any noise, and that it stops when  water meter is closed .
secondly check reading meter, if it tends to turn even slightly without any use, there is a good chance that a problem is present, in this case check  following points:
cumulus or balloon, wc (flush must be waterproof), and all visible connections that you can see.
Third, check the presence of humidity.

Watch out for traps:
A closed circuit heating network so if meter is running it will automatically be on your water circuit. focus on it.
pay attention to safety group on your cumulus that can drip only during heating period so be careful when looking not to be in period and miss troubleshooting

How to choose a plumber to revel to do your plumbing jobs

internet being a source of information, unfortunately and too often the individual finds himself not knowing what to do, so here are a solutions i think:

-First asking friends and family
-Second search on city map, notices of plumbing company or company
-Thirdly do not go through call management platforms
-Fourth after finding the company contact, the professional for information on these services, benefits, ask for a free quotation  to be able to compare prices compagnies,materials

What to do in case of flooding?

first thing is to know if you are confronted with a leak on evacuation network or if you have a supply leak, that nothing could be simpler check if meter is running constantly if yes close the general valve if not this can come either from an infiltration or a broken faulty drain or pipe, call on professionals to make plumbing quotes, materials ,details to carry out renovations

What doing when water damage?

many times, home insurance reimbursement covers a leak detection package without repair, however restoration work is taken into account, painting, furniture, wall, placo, insulation ...
do not hesitate to call on several companies to obtain comparative quotes 

What to do in case of excessive consumption?

more of time, home insurance have a leakage search package without repair, however restoration work is taken into account, painting, furniture, wall, placo, insulation ...

What doing for a  pressure problem?

pressure in a house must be 3bars by law , this is what the distributor must provide at a minimum, however and often the pressure reducer not present on general where it is found poorly positioned at heat tank level caused malfunctions when the home has several bathrooms.